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HEADLINE: CRYSTALLIZED – Swarovski Elements Lights Up The 2010 Paris Vogue Calendar

Pirelli, Campari, Paris Vogue: ‘tis the season for the luxury industry to roll out their steamy pinup calendars. This year, Paris Vogue, fashion’s most avant-garde major magazine, chose CRYSTALLIZED™ – Swarovski Elements as a brand partner. “Swarovski is emblematic of luxury and fashion,” says Paris Vogue’s editor in chief, Carine Roitfeld, who hired photographer Mario Sorrenti to shoot three of the hottest models working today at Paris’s legendary Lido cabaret. Raquel Zimmerman, Natasha Poly and Iselin Steiro seduce and inspire in barely-there pieces by Givenchy, Lanvin, Balmain, and more, all glittering with hundreds of custom-applied CRYSTALLIZED™ – Swarovski Elements. Paris Vogue’s fashion director Emmanuelle Alt enjoyed total creative freedom with the styling, putting together sophisticated burlesque looks that are complemented by Luigi Murenu’s tousled, sexy hair and makeup by runway veteran and Lancôme’s artistic director of makeup, Aaron De Mey.

The Paris Vogue 2010 Calendar is a testament to the raw beauty of women and the shimmering allure of crystal. It will be sold with Paris Vogue’s December issue throughout the magazine’s circulation in France.

VOGUE  CRYSTALLIZED  璀璨水晶系列 (Translation)

標題:CRYSTALLIZED 璀璨水晶系列--施華洛世奇點燃2010年巴黎《Vogue》月曆
Pirelli, Campari,巴黎《Vogue》:本季首次展出奢華狂熱風月曆。今年,引領前衛時尚雜誌的巴黎Vogue,選擇CRYSTALLIZED 璀璨水晶系列─施華洛世奇水晶為品牌合作夥伴。
巴黎《Vogue》雜誌主編Carine Roitfeld表示:「施華洛世奇是結合奢華和時尚的象徵。」他聘請了知名攝影師Mario Sorrenti,拍攝目前在巴黎麗都的傳奇歌舞秀中最熱門的三位模特兒。Raquel Zimmerman、Natasha Poly和Iselin Steiro僅只穿著Givenchy、Lanvin、Balmain比基尼和搭配許多閃亮璀璨的CRYSTALLIZEDTM璀璨水晶系列配件,便散發出令人難以拒絕的誘人氣息。
法國《Vogue》雜誌時裝總監伊曼Emmanuelle Alt相當喜歡這種帶有創造性自由感的造型配件,混合幹練和有趣的風格,完美補足富伸展台經驗Luigi Murenu亂而性感的髮型與妝感,與 蘭蔻藝術總監Aaron De Mey的妝容設計。

Friday, 10 December 2010

Testimonial - What People Say about My Service?

"Cassie is a very responsible person, very efficient on her work. I'm very satisfy with her service." - Winne, Royal King Beauty Supplier, USA. (Service: Traditional Chinese -> English, Beauty Product Intro/Brochure)

Thursday, 9 December 2010

[E2C] Evernote 4.0 Release

Date: 2010/12/3
Word Count: 237 words
Lead time: <20 mins

[ Original Text ]

Evernote 4 is here! This is the best version of Evernote for Windows we have ever released. Here are some of the great new and improved features you'll see when you update:

- Rewritten and redesigned from scratch to give you the best experience possible
- Blazingly fast: Up to 5 times fast load times all while using half the memory
- New, more intuitive interface
    > Space saving layout: The toolbar and menu bar are merged to take up less screen space.
    > More responsive interface: Virtually all note interactions are much faster.
    > Easier new note creation: The New Note split button lets you pick the type of note you wish to create (text, ink or webcam).
    > Relocated Search Bar: Note search and the search description now reside directly over the note listóa more intuitive location.
    > Clearer note info: The note information panel is more crisp and clear with the title, notebook and source links right up top.
    > More ways to interact: Evernote 4 supports multitouch gestures and many keyboard shortcuts.
- Significantly improved clipping, plus better Outlook support
- Improved note editing features, including bullets, tables, copy and paste, and more.
- More options when printing notes
- Support for Windows 7 features: Jump lists and assignment of location to notes

For additional details, please visit our blog.

[ Translation ]

Evernote 4 出來了!本次更新為Evernote有史以來最佳的Windows相容版本。一起來瞧瞧更新了Evernote 4 後,您會看到哪些極佳的新功能:

   > 省空間的版面:合併的工具列與選單列,佔用更少銀幕空間
   > 反應更快的介面:更快的虛擬筆記讀取介面
   > 編寫新筆記更簡單:分開的新筆記選項,可供您直接選記事種類(文字、手寫筆記或視訊)
   > 搜尋列更換位置:筆記與敘述搜尋列現在即在筆記清單旁-更直覺的搜尋位置
   > 更清楚的筆記資訊:至於筆記面板上方中的標題、筆記本與來源列更清楚
  >  更多互動方式:Evernote 4 支援多重觸控手勢與許多鍵盤快速鍵
  >  大幅增進剪輯與Outlook支援功能
  >  增進的筆記編輯功能,包括標點、表格、複製與貼上與更多其他編輯功能
  >  更多列印筆記功能
  >  支援Windows 7 功能:筆記可快速移至清單與指定位置


Please kindly note the case was done with very urgent notice. The translator was asked to finish the task within less than 20 minutes.

Friday, 25 December 2009

Toolkits for Translators

Here is some websites and toolkits which I found very useful for freelance translators. - Keep updating once I have something new! You are welcome to share information with me too! :)
Glossary Database
Websites to find global translation jobs
  • Get a Freelancer (US):
    Easy and user friendly surface. Plenty of new job opportunities everyday. However, most people tend to bid at the lowest price and write a private message to the outsourcer. Anyway, worth to try. Job alerts to your email. Be ware of scammers.

  • EU Freelance (EU):
    Join the free membership, and make sure you choose the job type "translation". The website will send you email alerts once they have any new project coming in.
  • TranslatorCafe.com: It is a directory of translators, interpreters and translation agencies. According to the website, you can create your own profile and track your job applications in your personal translation agencies list, and will be notified about all new translation jobs in your language pairs.
  • Rate Calculator – provided by Proz.com:
    This tool calculates the average rate you must charge to achieve your desired income, based on the assumptions you have entered. Bear in mind that in any given market or area of specialization, the going rates may be higher.
  • Cal Pro (UK version) - provided by Asetrad (download v1.3):
    It is a free excel spreadsheets which can help freelance/self-employed translators to calculate costs, earnings, productivity and rates. 
    Useful Blogs

    Wednesday, 23 December 2009

    [E2C] Website contents (to Simplified Chinese)

    Free Online Super Mario
    and 1300 Online Games

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    Privacy Policy
    免费在线超级马里奥(Super Mario)

    (Word count: 87)

    Tuesday, 22 December 2009

    Contact Me

    About Me & My Service

    Why Choose My Service?
    • Native Chinese and experienced translator. I am not only a native Chinese but also a well-trained Chinese/English translator who has been working freelance translation for 5+ years.
    • Great familiarity with both Traditional & Simplified Chinese, which has been used differently in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China.
      I was born and educated in Taiwan, and often fly to Hong Kong and China for my family business. 
    • Best quality assurance! To assure the best translation quality, I always work with 2-3 native and professional translators to discuss, revise and proofread your projects (NO extra charge for proofreading!) 
    • 100% satisfaction guaranty! I can revise and deliver my work according to your deadlines, requirements and satisfaction. I always expect 100% satisfaction from my clients with the most competitive price based on your budget.
    • Working hours up to 40-45 hours per week with high quality and concentration.
    What is the difference between Traditional and Simplified Chinese?

    Traditional Chinese is used in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau, while Simplified Chinese is used in mainland China, introduced in 1954 by the Chinese Government to simplify Traditional Chinese in order to improve literacy in China.
    About Me
    I am holding a master degree in Marketing, for which I was awarded a Distinction in UK, having previously achieved a BBA in International Trade and BA Applied Linguistics and Language Studies (major in Chinese/English translation and Interpretation) in Taiwan. I am particularly keen to work for a forward thinking, international organisation where I can leverage my fluency in English and Mandarin Chinese, skills acquired as a result of having lived, worked and studies in China/Taiwan and the UK.

    I have undertaken extensive training in translation and interpretation during my BA degree and, having served as Editor-in-Chief of student led magazines, I have also acquired invaluable skills in creative writing in Chinese. In addition, I have undertaken freelance translation work for 5+ years (projects include marketing, subtitles, business contracts, book translation and copy writing etc). 

    Fields of Expertise
    • Marketing, Business and Management, Advertising
    IT/Translation Tools
    • TRADOS, WordFast
    • OS: MAC 10.5, Windows 7
    • Softwares: Adobe PhotoShop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Microsoft Office
      If you are interested in my service, please do not hesitate to contact me so we can discuss your needs in greater depth. I will reply your message within 1 working day. Thank you. :)